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Rachel Dodge

I fell in love with books listening to my mother read—in our home, at the doctor’s office, in the middle of the night when I had the chicken pox! My grandmother was a children’s book author, my parents were both children’s reading specialists and teachers, so I guess you could say that I grew up in a world filled with books!

Today, I am a college English instructor, writer, and editor. I teach writing courses and literature classes, and I speak at libraries and literary groups about Jane Austen, her life, her novels, and the Regency Era. One of my specialties is the subject of manners and etiquette in Jane Austen’s novels.

I love to write both fiction and non-fiction. I wrote a middle grade chapter book called Gracie Fieldmouse: In the Cat’s Mouth. Currently, I’m working on a manuscript that will be of particular interest to Jane Austen fans! I’m also writing a fictional account of the life of King David.

I guess you could say words are my life — but these are all the things God has given me a natural interest in and gifted me to do. I am first and foremost a wife, mother, and servant of Jesus.  I am passionate about encouraging and equipping others to follow God with all that they are and all that they have!

People always ask me for good book recommendations, and I love to share what I’ve read and am reading. My interests cover the classics, Christian fiction, children’s books, and Christian non fiction (including my favorite–biographies of missionaries and other Christian heroes). You can check out my blog or follow me on Instagram @kindredspiritbooks or on Facebook.

Speaking: If you are interested in having me speak at a conference, workshop, or class, please see my Speaker page to find out more.

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