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The Blue Castle

“Rebellion flamed up in her soul as the dark hours passed by – not because she had no future but because she had no past.” -The Blue Castle

I love these gorgeous new paperback editions of Lucy Maud Montgomery’s books! I have The Blue Castle, Mistress Pat, and Pat of Silver Bush so far. (I’d love to get the whole series of Anne of Green Gables, but a girl has to eat.) The Blue Castle is absolutely delightful! Thanks to @kristinalael I discovered this book recently as an adult. I thought I had read everything of Montgomery’s and was thrilled to find this rare jewel! It felt like I had found a new book she had just published!

I was giggling within a few pages at the terrible woes and dramas that 29 year-old Valancy experiences. Then, I was beside myself with frustration (and talking out loud to the characters in the book). Before long, I was laughing and cheering. To me, this is a book about freedom and joy, and I adored it! Another satisfying L.M. Montgomery read!

What are you reading today?

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