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Jane Austen Friends at JASNA

I’m having a blast at the annual JASNA meeting and wanted to share a few highlights with my blog friends.

First off, I’ve met the most amazing people here. Everyone has been loving, friendly, and welcoming. I came here knowing a handful of people from my regional group, and I’ve made many friends already in just a few days.

Many people have visited my Praying with Jane: 31 Days Through the Prayers of Jane Austen table to buy books, mugs, and prayer journals. I’ve been blessed and in awe of the response. I’ve had the opportunity to talk with many people about life, faith, and prayer.

I’ve also met several other vendors. What a fun group! We’ve shared helpful tips, insider information, little goodies and trinkets, made some wonderful barters, and kept each other going during the rushes and the lulls. I’ve made friends with the people next to me. We’re bonding in the most unique way! You talk about a lot of wonderful (and deep) topics when you spend 10+ hours together each day. It’s been a treat for me.

Amanda Root: Loveliness Personified

One of the wonderful events I’ve attended at the JASNA AGM was a live talk with Actress Amanda Root of Persuasion (1995). It was incredible! She brought Persuasion to life for us by reading passages from the novel and entries from her journals from the time when they were filming the movie. I didn’t see a dry eye in the row where I was sitting. Ms. Root is humble, personable, and friendly.

Today she took the time to walk through the Emporium and talk to each of the vendors individually, taking photos and talking to us. She is warm and down to earth. I had the honor of signing a book for her and presenting her with a book, mug, and prayer journal. What a joy!

Ms. Root is also the founder of Talitha Art, a non-profit organization and center where therapeutic art is used to “restore hope and rebuild broken lives.” You can visit Talitha.org.uk to learn more or to donate to the beautiful work they are doing.

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