Kindred Spirit Books

Do you love Anne Shirley, Jo March, and Elizabeth Bennet? Me, too! When I was growing up, I read every book in our town’s library, scouring the shelves for anything girly and old-fashioned. I love the classics, I love wholesome, I love well-written! But it’s harder and harder to find really good books.

As an adult, most of my recent favorites have come as recommendations from friends and fellow Bookstagrammers. Fellow literature lovers are always asking me for book ideas for them or their girls, so I started posting Book Reviews here and highlighting my favorite books on Instagram @ Kindred Spirit Books.

Kindred Spirit Books is a list of beautifully written, spiritually or morally uplifting, good books. (Note: I try to only list clean books. If I recommend a book that jumps to PG-13, I make note of it.) I love reading middle grade and YA fiction, Christian fiction, and both secular and Christian non fiction.

A great book is a book that changes your heart and life forever.